Giving to Celebrate 75 Years

Celebrate 75 years of ministry at Camp Christopher
and support the next 75 years by giving:

Choose your level of giving, and see what your chosen multiple of 75 will pay for!


  • one s’ more (marshmallow, chocolate & graham wafer treat!)
  • one hot dog
  • tuck for one camper for one day


  • a package of markers
  • some new beach toys
  • a box of bandages


  • empty the septic tank once
  • craft supplies for a week of camp
  • half a tank of drinking water
  • an honorarium for our Indigenous elder (1/2 day)


  • send three kids to camp
  • a daily honorarium for 15 counsellors
  • groceries for 3 days


  • a qualified lifeguard, plus extra beach supervision for the summer
  • half the cost of our year-round camp administrator
  • redevelop the outdoor chapel and nature trails


  • build a new cabin
  • fund a full-time Camp Director for 1.5 years
  • contribute to the ongoing sustainability of this ministry


  • secure the camp’s operation for the next 5 years

Thank you for your generous giving!!!